5 Best Natural Methods To Last Longer in Bed

If quite often your lovemaking sessions are ending early due to an inability to last in bed, it’s easy to start thinking that you have some type of problem. Figuring out the best places to look and professionals you can trust for reliable information can be a real nightmare.

But now’s not the time to give up, as luckily for us, this condition can be highly manageable.

1. Train Yourself To Last Longer In bed With Exercises

Let’s start with by far the most powerful way to last longer in bed. This won’t be an instant quick fix like premature ejaculation herbal pills or delay sprays (both are not recommended), but it is the best way to permanently teach your body to be able to last longer every time you have sex.

Recently there have been some very promising studies coming out with a focus on behavioral methods such as premature ejaculation exercises and Beyond Delay is a program that is now available online that allows all men to complete these exercises and training methods in their own home.

If you are interested in using this method to last longer in bed we can’t recommend enough reading this rundown by Mike Anderson on his Beyond Delay site which is a community of people to help men get rid of premature with these self-training methods.

2. Start Breathing Correctly To Last Longer During Sex

Breathing the right way during sex is something that all men with premature ejaculation should be learning straight away. It’s just so easy to learn.

I guess you would describe it as the low-hanging fruit of ways to last longer in bed because you can learn it in just 5 minutes and then see the improvements straight away.

3. Choose The Best Position To Last Longer In Bed

An issue that can be more often than not forgotten is the big part that your selection of positions can play in how long you will last and your partner’s general pleasure.

It may feel natural to select a position that involves greater penetration and more thrusting, but these are also precisely the same positions that result in a quicker ejaculation for most men. It’s due to this that it’s a good idea to experiment with a few alternative positions and techniques together with your partner.

Lovemaking styles such as the female on top are sensible because they enable you to de-stress your central muscles while stimulating your lover concurrently.

These types of positions will likely be excellent for your partner mainly because the movements will help excite her at a higher rate.

4. Manage Your Pace When Sex Begins

The early stages of sexual activities are without a doubt a very important period to ensure that you get through, for guys who have difficulties lasting If you are able to make it through this phase, the battle is already half won, and from this point, the prospects of being able to last for a longer amount of time should improve significantly.

Due to this, until you can control your arousal and get far more settled, be sure you don’t go too strong. A practical way to do this is by extending foreplay while being aware not to make it excessively intense.

And remember to give attention to your lover as much as possible. When the time comes for sex, you’ll need to give yourself the power to withstand the elevated stimulation, which is why it’s much better to focus on subtle and shallow actions.

Maintain this slower speed over the first couple of minutes to the stage at which you start to calm down and are now used to everything. Once you’re on the flip side of the danger period, you can switch to a normal tempo.

5. Getting In The Zone – It’s All About Focus

Psychological problems including insufficient self-belief will also be particularly detrimental to a man’s performance in bed if not managed. The main element with this is to start thinking about the wide range of sensations that you will be encountering.

So as you begin intercourse with your lover, don’t simply aim the diversion method. It’s much better to concentrate directly on all your senses, letting you take the focus away from pelvic arousal and damaging thinking. These suggestions may feel a little strange or different at first, but many men find it’s the single easiest way to get confident and in the ideal state of mind while making love.